New single, "Another Civil War," out now!


  • Band Members
  • John Palumbo
  • Rick Witkowski
  • Joey D’Amico
  • Bobby Hird
  • Glenn Workman
  • Dave DeMarco

“Another Civil War,” is the second track from Tribes, the new studio album from Crack The Sky. Rolling Stone called them prog-rock pioneers, and named their 1976 album “one of the year’s most impressive debuts.” “Another Civil War” depicts two sides of the same coin, and focuses a sharp lens on the current great American divide while looking to foster common ground needed, if we’re all to move forward together.

In 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums Of All Time and in Twenty 1970’s Albums Rolling Stone Loved That You Never Heard, Rolling Stone’s review likened Crack The Sky to Steely Dan, 10cc, the Tubes, and said writer/lead singer/guitarist/keyboardist John Palumbo avoids conventional melodies, preferring to repeat a tuneful phrase and then abruptly break the mood with something opposite in spirit. “Crack The Sky’s ensemble singing and playing are impeccable. Palumbo’s lead vocals are chameleon-like, resembling Ian Hunter’s and Bowie’s.”

“Another Civil War” depicts the two disparate sides of the same coin. Lyricist/vocalist John Palumbo paints a fine line between people who feel their way is the only way, the opposition be damned. “You hate me ’cause I don’t think like you,” Palumbo wryly observes as Joey D’Amico’s militaristic drumming is perfectly countered by the dual guitar and banjo attack courtesy of Rick Witkowski and Bobby Hird. Though “Another Civil War” focuses a sharp lens on the current great American divide, it also looks to foster the common ground that must be reclaimed if we’re all to move forward together.