Solo album, You and Me, out now!


With her band Heart, Nancy Wilson has recorded 16 albums and sold over 35 million albums worldwide. Within that history-making career, You and Me represents something special, as it is Nancy Wilson’s very first solo studio album.

“Being off the road last year from touring with Heart, and at home with my good guitars and amps out,” she says, “I felt like I was once again able to reconnect with my pre-Heart self, my college-girl self, creating poetic, intimate and romantic songs, which pretty much is what I first brought in to Heart.”

Much of You and Me follows features Nancy’s conversational style of singing that she is known for, particularly the tender ballads “We Meet Again,” “I’ll Find You,” and “The Inbetween.”

“I don’t know why it took me so long to do this,” she laughs. “Maybe I was stuck in traffic, maybe I was stuck in the Heart vortex of it all.” But in a year with “no traffic,” Wilson finally found a place for the music she’s been writing in her head for decades.

And this record, like all the legendary music she’s created with Heart, ended up as an emotional intimate conversation between a musician and an audience. “Whether you’re performing onstage, or in the studio, it’s always about that relationship, and that conversation.

“It’s always been ‘you’ and ‘me.’”