New album, THE LIGHT BELOW, out February 5!


  • Band Members
  • Jefferson Angell-Vocals & Guitar
  • Benjamin Anderson-Keyboard & Backing Vocals
  • Will Andrews-Drums
  • Gregor Lothian-Saxophone

Walking Papers third single from their upcoming album, “Divine Intervention,” is now available.

Frontman Jefferson Angel comments, “The song was born from the ongoing conversations between myself and the spirits of those whom I was close to, but who are no longer with us. Although their molecules have been redistributed, I knew them well enough to know what they might say and how I felt in their presence. I don’t necessarily think they are hovering over me whispering in my ear or anything. It’s more like the relationships I had with them made such an impression that the benefits continue despite their absence.”

The video was filmed over two bitterly cold, rainy nights in Seattle’s industrial area. It captures the eeriness and beauty of the locations with a nod to David Lynch’s Wild at Heart when Benjamin Anderson dons a snakeskin jacket for the occasion holding a key that likely holds the true meaning of what unfolds.”Divine Intervention” was originally one piece but was split into two tracks for the record. However, during video editing process Jefferson and Benjamin decided to put it back as one for an extended art piece. There you have it: Divine Intervention, a glorious 12:30 minutes.

Walking Papers third album, The Light Below, is out February 5. Listeners are once again invited behind the velvet curtain, to the smoke-filled room where whiskey-voiced frontman Jefferson Angell holds court, telling his tales over bluesy riffs with an alluring darkness.


THE LIGHT BELOW is now available on white double vinyl! Get yours from any participating @recordstoreday location.