Back to Basics: Christopher Shayne goes for old-school rock on debut EP

The Carry On Music team is behind “Ten High,” the debut EP by Shayne and his bandmates—lead guitarist Dave Lansing, vocalist/bassist Mark Blades, keyboardist/guitarist Zachary Hughes and drummer Trevor Hammer—that is due on January 22.

The videos for the EP’s first two singles, “Any Given Sunday” and “Pour the Bottle,” are available on the label’s official YouTube page.

“It’s a little more raw, a little more unpolished,” Shayne says of the EP.

“It’s very much five guys playing in a room together, just playing songs. The songs are just more fun. This one, we wanted to be a little more rock ’n’ roll, old school sounding. You can hear the buzz of the amps in between songs. That was one of those things we wanted to encapsulate.”

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