On January 1, 1976 Stephen Holden of Rolling Stone magazine called the debut album by West Virginian prog-rock pioneers Crack The Sky “…one of year’s most impressive debuts.” Today, forty years later, Rolling Stone called them “…the Best U.S. Prog Band You’ve Never Heard.”

Crack The Sky releases their new studio album Tribes, on January 15, 2021 on Carry On Music, preceded by two powerfully topical tracks released in July and September 2020. The title track, “Tribes,” speaks volumes about modern society’s perpetual cultural divide, wherein each side believes its inalienable right to champion the only opinion that matters. And though “Another Civil War” focuses a sharp lens on the current great American divide, it also looks to foster the common ground that must be reclaimed if we’re all to move forward together.

To celebrate Record Store Day Black Friday November 27, 2020, Crack The Sky is releasing a limited edition version of Tribes on double clear vinyl, ahead of the official street date. The vinyl version of the album features Tribes on Sides One to Three, and four classic Crack The Sky selections on Side Four. The vinyl will only be available at participating Independent Record Stores (see stores HERE) that are part of the Record Store Day organization as an exclusive RSD Black Friday title.

The band is a Record Store Day favorite, having also released their last studio album, Living In Reverse, on vinyl for RSD Black Friday in 2018, when they appeared at independent record store The Sound Garden in Baltimore, MD on November 24, 2018 for a special acoustic performance and vinyl signing event.

Disappointed that this year’s Record Store Day vinyl release will not come with a performance or signing for fans, writer/lead singer/guitarist/keyboardist John Palumbo said, “We are sorry are not able to connect with our fans for RSD Black Friday in person this year. We are, however, very excited that our new double vinyl album is being released prior to the CD and DDL at independent retail. Please, everyone, stay safe, and united we will make it through this incredibly difficult period in our nation’s history.” 

Tribes Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side One

  1. Tribes
  2. Another Civil War
  3. Dear Leaders
  4. Blowing Up Detroit

Side Two

  1. Quick
  2. Another Beautiful Day
  3. All My Innocence
  4. Drinking Myself Sober

Side Three

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land
  2. We Don’t Know
  3. Alligator Man
  4. Boom Boom
  5. The Lost Boys

Side Four

  1. From The Greenhouse
  2. Skin Deep
  3. Long Nights
  4. The Beauty Of Nothing

Crack The Sky will be playing select tour dates in early 2021.

Crack The Sky is

John Palumbo – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Rick Witkowski – Guitars & Vocals

Joey D’Amico – Drums & Vocals

Bobby Hird – Guitars & Vocals

Glenn Workman – Keyboards & Vocals

Dave DeMarco – Bass & Vocals