Crack The Sky singer John Palumbo has released a video for Hollywood BLVD. It’s the title track of Palumbo’s upcoming solo album, his fifth, which will be released through Carry On Music on May 21.

“The best songs come out on the first try,” says Palumbo. “Hollywood Blvd, for example, I threw right down after establishing the groove and a proper bassline. It’s as if the song actually gave birth to itself. Songs like these usually come as a series of random thoughts put into a rhyming pattern, and they’re much more like poems than songs. Then, it’s just the task of ‘trimming the fat’ to lay in the lyric to fit the music track. Rhyming can put a bit of a crunch and a restriction on things. At the same time, you’re trying to make a point, you have to rhyme something with it. That really handcuffs me, so I’ve had to stretch the rhyming concept more than a few times.”

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