Walking Papers were called “the best rock band in Seattle” by The New York Times and UK’s Classic Rock magazine voted Walking Papers one of the Top Bands of 2016.

The Light Below is the third album from Walking Papers, due out February 5, 2021. Principals Jefferson Angell and Benjamin Anderson offer a continuation of the impactful and artful rock and blues sound Walking Papers have developed.

To celebrate Record Store Day Black Friday November 27, 2020, Walking Papers is releasing a limited edition version of The Light Below on double white vinyl, ahead of the official street date. The vinyl will only be available at participating Independent Record Stores (see stores HERE) that are part of the Record Store Day organization as an exclusive RSD Black Friday title.

Frontman Angell recounts, “Where I grew up,  we didn’t have sidewalks let alone a record store. My older brother and his friends would go on big city expeditions, and return with their vinyl treasures, and we would all gather around the turntable like wise men in a manger. Not until I was able to make my own way to the big city was I able to peruse the isles of wonder the record store provided – always a first stop if not the sole purpose of the journey. These days I’m fortunate enough to live a few blocks from the cultural icon Easy Street Records, a beacon of West Seattle.

“Between the internet and the pandemic,” Angell laments, “we have lost a few stores, including a personal favorite, Rocket Records in Tacoma. RSD Black Friday makes a difference in the lives of these small business that have made such a difference in ours.”

The album’s release is preceded by two single releases, a digital 45 of “What Did You Expect?” b/w “The Other Shoe,” released in August, and “The Value of Zero,” due out October 16. About “What Did You Expect?” online rock magazine Loudwire stated, “The new song arrives with a darkly sinister vibe, with Angell letting his bluesy vocal and story revealing lyrics hover over the backdrop of a steadily dark guitar line and distinctive haunting keys.”

Heavy, thrashing drums and distorted, dystopian guitars on “The Value of Zero” take things in an unexplored direction, the droning noise-rock surging around romantically cynical lyrics that Angell delivers like he’s staring down the barrel of a gun.

To listen to Walking Papers is like gaining access to a secret society, like stumbling upon your new favorite bar behind an unmarked door — the kind where every patron has a story, and every night is a late one. With the band’s third album, The Light Below, we’re once again invited behind the velvet curtain, to the smoke-filled room where whiskey-voiced frontman Jefferson Angell holds court, telling his tales over bluesy riffs with an alluring darkness.

The Light Below Vinyl Tracklisting:

Side A

  1. The Value of Zero
  2. What Did You Expect?
  3. Divine Intervention
  4. Stood Up At The Gates of Heaven

Side B  5. Going Nowhere

  1. Creation Reproduction and Death
  2. Money Isn’t Everything

Side C

  1. The Other Shoe (Reprise)
  2. Where Did I Go Wrong
  3. Rich Man’s War
  4. My Thoughts Are Not My Own
  5. California (One More Phone Call)

Side D

  1. Trophy Wives
  2. I Belong To You